Dibea Anti-Dust Mites UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush Corded Handheld, Cyclonic Filtration System with HEPA Filter 20cm UV Light for Eliminating Dust Mites Bugs Allergens Pollen, White UV-10

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Product Features

?High Frequency Vibration Deep Clean Soft Roller Brush?300W high-power motor and it's up to 33000 cycle/min. High frequency vibration beating out embedded bed bugs, skin cells and dust mites in your pillows, bedsheets, mattress, couch and even kids' toys, and then the soft plush heckle roller brush thorough cleaning them all, and also refuse to wrap the cotton fabric and protect the silk woven bed from damage. Cyclonic Filtration System help to effectively capture tiny debris and microbes on the fabric surface, ensuring that the discharged air contains no allergens High-Efficiency particulate air. 20cm Length 253.7 nm UV Quartz Sterilization, Automatic Protection Over 2" surface 6 stage filtration system, HEPA Filter captures 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns to releases the fresh air. 14.7-feet long cord for added cleaning reach and 4.1 lb ease of use, 400mL large dust bin for holding more dust mites and allergen.

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