24 inch IdaSmart Microfiber Professional Grade Dry or Wet Mop Pads 2 Pack Reusable Replacement Mop Pads | Use for Wet Mopping or Dry Mopping with Any Velcro Style 24" Flat Mop | Floor Cleaning Pads

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Manufacturer Description

Microfiber gives you superb cleaning power. It is made of fiber finer than a strand of silk. Because of this, it has the ability to clean floors in a way that cotton simply can't. Additionally, microfiber helps trap and remove germs without chemicals much better than cotton mops that only move dirt around.

Save time & money when you use our Microfiber pads. When using IdaSmart microfiber pads with your next mop, you'll find that you don't need to use as much water or cleaning supplies. Other microfiber benefits include up to 60% lifetime cost savings for mops, up to 95% reduction in chemical costs associated with mopping floors, up to 20% labor savings per use, and dramatically reducing chemical and water usage while cleaning more effectively.

Please pay attention to GSM (similar to thread count in linens). Economy mop pads generally have about 300 GSM, and the GSM count is usually not stated in advertisements. Professional grade mop pads have 400 GSM (33% more fibers than economy grade) and the GSM is proudly stated in advertisements. Our willingness to sell these Professional Grade mop pads at the same low price as others sell their economy mop pad is our commitment to give our customers the highest and best value possible!

IdaSmart mop refill pads are great when used as a hardwood floor mop, tile mop, concrete dust mop, stone dust mop, engineered floor mop -- really for any hard surface dust floor mop.

Changing this dust mop head is super simple - just pull the Velcro backed microfiber dust mop pad off the flat mop head and replace with a clean pad while washing the old pad in your washing machine. It is so easy, some people call it a quickie mop.

Product Features

REPLACEMENT PROFESSIONAL GRADE MICROFIBER MOP PADS for use with any IdaSmart 24 inch Velcro style flat mop head, and also interchangeable with any other brand of mop that has an 24 inch Velcro flat mop head. See IdaSmart 24" Professional Microfiber Mop Kit on Amazon. (ASIN No. B07GWGC8LR ). IDASMART MICROFIBER FLOOR MOPS are a lot easier to use AND get your floors cleaner much quicker! Are you still using an old inefficient style of sponge mop, a Swiffer style mop or a messy cotton mop? Microfiber mop pads are second to none! HIGH QUALITY THICKER PROFESSIONAL GRADE PADS (400 GSM - Grams per Square Meter is similar to thread count) pick up more dirt, hair or grime than regular microfiber mops with lesser GSM counts. Please see product description below for more information. REUSABLE MOP PADS save money as they are easy to clean in your washing machine (using cold or warm water). Using disposable products is like throwing money in the garbage can and your floors won't get this clean. Easy care instructions are included in the package. IDASMART MICROFIBER MOP PADS can be used as a commercial mop. Order yours today!

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